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    Michael Shinners

    Michael is a current student in Code Fellows 301 and plans to graduate from the Python course in December. He lives in Pierce County with his wife and children. He enjoys outdoors activities, travel and living life to the fullest with his family.

    marco zangari

    marco is a developer, researcher, data-analyst, and cook, who lives in seattle, wa. marco insists on living life without capitalization.

    Max A. Wolff

    Max is a full-time student after previously working in a deli for the past few years. When he is not spending all of his time coding, he enjoys watching sports, playing video games, and listening to all kinds of music. His goal is to complete the Code Fellows program and become a full time back-end developer.

    David A. Lindahl

    An Anti-Money Laundering Investigator by day, a photographer by night and now a code monkey by day and night, some say David is as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife. David would disagree and explain that's impossible, he is Scottish. A diehard footy fan and avid yet mediocre outdoorsman, you can find him on the weekends either cheering on Liverpool FC or adventuring in the mountains with his camera in tow.

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